Monet Exhibition

Meet the artist like never before

“Claude Monet, The Immersive Experience” is a unique digital art exhibition. Claude Monet’s masterpieces get literally animated under your feet and 360° around you. Be ready for an unforgettable immersive experience.

A spectacular light and music show

The immersive room of the Monet exhibition dives you into the artist’s world. More than 300 paintings by Claude Monet are projected in an animated, creative and surprising way all around you. Your senses get amazingly awakened through these virtual brushstrokes. To original music by Belgian composer Michelino Bisceglia.

Good to know: the show lasts 35 minutes and is put on a loop.

Even more

The Monet exhibition is not just about the immersive room. The experience includes some additional parts. Among others a taste of the Atelier at Giverny, which is none other than Monet’s workshop. You can even enjoy there some reproductions of the artist. Moreover, the Monet exhibition foresees a didactic room with explanations of the technique, influences and life of the impressionist.

Cherry on top

A unique VR experience (virtual reality) is also offered at the Monet exhibition. It is the opportunity to slip into the skin of Claude Monet. Thanks to special glasses, this 10-minute experience takes you to his Atelier at Giverny but also to London, to the Netherlands, to Norway and of course to his works.

* The VR experience is not included in the entrance ticket (2 € / person, no reservation possible)

For both, adults and children

The Monet exhibition welcomes absolutely everybody. A perfect discovery for two but also for a group, with family or alone. There is even a surprise at the end for young artists!

Tip: the visit might take you up to 1h / 1h20.

Did you know?

IDEAL, the New Digital Art Center in Barcelona, chose the Monet Exhibition for its opening last October. Now, it’s in Brussels, in the beautiful Horta gallery, that the immersive experience brings its magic. Last but not least, the Monet exhibition, created and promoted by Exhibition Hub, comes one year after the Van Gogh exhibition of the same kind, which took place at the iconic Bourse, also in the city center of Brussels.


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